world karate hakuakai
Founder of Hakuakai Karate Japan

world karate hakuakai
Chief Instructor
Japan Karate-Do Hakuakai, Japan

Origin of Hakua Kai

Hakua means "white wall." You can color the white wall into various colors by making efforts individually. Push and brace yourself in Karate Do to change your belt step by step from white to black. But to whatever color your belt changes, its original color is white. Keep in mind that it implies the warning that you?should not forget your original intention. Keep in mind that children do not grow up without parents. That is why Iwabuchi Shihan named the association "Hakua Kai."

Affirmation of Hakua Kai

Esteem a spirit of reconciliation and cooperation. Make a start to glory with great possibilities. Oh, Karate friends of ours! Draw out your natural endowments. And then build a brilliant reality. Open up the future also.


Training in karate teaches us not only self-defense but, to respect others as well as ourselves. We train our body to be strong, and our mind and spirit to be patient, in order to become the best human beings we can be. Karate is a spiritual endeavor, a way to develop a person as an individual. Everything we learn in the dojo, or training hall, should be applied to everyday life. Karate training is not always easy. Often times it can be very difficult and demanding. This is also true of life. If we can overcome obstacles in our training, it enables us to have strong character to do the same in our everyday lives.

The very essence of karate, the main purpose of training - is all about improving ourselves. We must always work hard at this.When we take responsibility to become persons of good character and integrity, we will be doing our part to make the world a better place, which in turn can help to bring peace to the world. A true martial artist constantly strives to be a good human being.

Dojo Gokun

Five Lessons at Dojo of Nihon Karate Do Hakua Kai

  1. Karate Do itself is a philosophy of life. Burn with the desire for truth and preach against debauchery.
  2. You should value the proprieties and cultivate benevolence and modesty.
  3. You should make efforts to bring your mind, energy and force together.
  4. You should cultivate an unbreakable spirit.
  5. Love balmy breeze and bright moon, improve your character and learn self-control.